Mar 18, 2022

I’m not all about food.
I like cats and gin too.
I am partial to the odd (cough cough) book as well.
Am I a fair-weathered book friend?
Are you?
I often ponder this.
I think about books a lot, in many contexts.
I like books.
Have I ever thought you, well, more importantly, myself, could have too many?
No, that’s a very ugly thought to have and one I could never entertain.
It’s fair to say; I would sell you and your mate to get books.
Possibly Teddy, too, on a bad day!  Not the cats, though, they are safe, plus they like sleeping on the books, like book guardians.

A bit of a book addict.

I have piles all over my house. I used to have them on the floor until the great basement flood of 2020, and I lost about 100 or so.
I have bookcases and shelves, but I have piles too.
I like the piles; they are usually books I want to keep close.
Books I cannot bear to put on the shelf; it’s like I feel I have betrayed them.
Even when the author has pissed me off, or I have decided, Nah, they can’t cook.

Or perhaps a great hype or old find that is not what I thought.
Some might be new; some are old; some have been in a pile for ages.
Some are new and finding their place.
It’s like a jostling to develop a hierarchy.

I have a perverse leaning and preference for food type books.
HA!! I especially like food ingredient encyclopedias about the history of food recipes with stories.
I knew you were thinking with has this to do with cooking schools, food and eating?

And what if a student, guest or visitor wants to borrow from the pile?
I usually pretend I have not heard them and get back to the task of adding more to the pile to help myself get over the trauma of possibly parting with any books.
It’s like they are my babies.  I can’t bear to see them leave
Do they spark joy?
You bet your Marie Kondo arse they do!
So that and the piles are good enough for me.
What about you?

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