Private Venue

Looking for a special one of a kind venue hire
near Taupo?

Our property is perfect for your small event.

A private dinner, weddings, an engagement, work social do’s, hens parties…

We can cater for your function and are happy to chat with you about your event.

We are one of a kind and hope to keep it that way.

Enjoy stunning landscapes, a sleepy green river and a beautiful forest.

How about a pizza night to celebrate your mates?

Or an afternoon of cakes and chatter with your best friends?

You may find the ideal solution here.

Contact Michelle

We choose the people and what we offer at our venue, why you may ask?

Because we have invested in the location and atmosphere, it is a very special place, and we like it that way.

Have a look around our website; let’s chat if you feel we are a good friendly fit.

We can create something quite amazing for you.