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lessons, workshops & adventures.

Why cook with us?

Our lessons & workshops are made to surprise and delight you.

Everyone learns and experiences things differently, so that’s why our lessons are tailor-made.

Why come for a generic lesson when you might need a more challenging task or an easier one ?

Plus we keep it small so you get all the time you need!

Let’s have a conversation and see what you want to get out of it.


Private lessons:

Our private lessons are for 1-2 people.
Couples love our lessons and Pizza days!
They are designed for you at your level and on days that suit you.
Our lessons are a minimum of 90 minutes.
Not for you, and you want to be part of a group?
Look at our workshops or food experiences.


Our workshops usually are 3-5 hours long and cover a specific topic.
Workshops (unless for a private group) are run on a specific date.
Minimum 4 people and maximum 8 (unless a private workshop).

current Workshops:

Pizza Pizza Pizza.
Easter Breads.
Dumplings Heaven.
Kingcake Baby.
Bread workshops 1, 2 and 3
 Xmas Breads.

Future workshops:

Seasonal Specials.
My My American Sweet Pie.
Middle Eastern Odyssey.
New York Food Freaks.
Simple Pastry to delight.
Breads of Europe.
Middle eastern Bread delights.
Get Tarty!

Workshops start April 2022.

Please check our calendar for scheduled workshop dates.

I reserve the right to alter the workshops to suit seasonality and ensure you get the best of the time allotted.

I reserve the right to cancel if not enough people book.

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